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World Wide Conquest - Home Page

Tired of playing that same old broken game?

Want to play with friends on a variety of games?


If so, World Wide Conquests is the clan for you!

We play a variety of games with great experienced

gamers that love having fun and winning!

We are reviving this clan as a multi-gaming clan!

You can also check out our stream HERE


 Current Games:

Blacklight Retribution

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Planetside 2

League of Legends


Artic Combat

Team Fortress 2

Battlefield 3


 Like what you are seeing? Join us on Teamspeak by signing up on our

website and requesting a password through our shoutbox.


Already involved in the clan? Want to help keep the website,

teamspeak, and minecraft server running?

You can donate to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

through paypal to help keep the clan assets running!


Central Standard Time

TeamSpeak Status


  • -gSource : guys can u pass me the ts info n pass?
  • -iTz_Espi- : -iTz_Espi- ***
  • -iTz_Espi- : does WWC still play CA? I am an old member from like 09-10. I would like to play with you all again if possible. hit me up IGN -iTz_Espi-
  • lmnasia : anyone wanna play some good old Broken Arms?
  • -gSource : Hey guys wassup I'm back from a long break lol I hope you guys remember me :| anyways just curious what kinda games ya play. I be on TS (: " gSource "
  • Etome : Yo, what up guys! Just had a major flashback to the good ol CA days and wanted to see how you guys were doing. Im not really a pc gamer anymore but if any of you have ps4 add me my PSN is TokenismIsWhack.
  • lmnasia : hello friends
  • chzmn : hey! text me the paswd plz!
  • thomasdeathl : Can i have the password?
  • admin : Have you been able to get in? The password I sent was correct.
  • Acridity : The password an admin sent me is invalid. Can an admin please resend me the password again?
  • admin : You should get on teamspeak. I will send you the info
  • Acridity : Any admins on I can talk to regarding to Combat Arms and other games? I would like to be apart of this organization.
  • admin : «link»
  • Acridity : hello i recently applied for combat arms with all my info . IGN: Acridity
  • admin : In CA and other games!
  • HighCaliber : Bringing back WWC in CA?
  • admin : Sweet I have some great ideas, but its going to take some work. Lets plan on working through it on saturday 2/9/13
  • backbone : hey sup guys u know im with u cracker pure amp will be on pretty soon
  • admin : Im bringing WWC back! Who's with me?!


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